10. Michael Griffith

Michael Griffith and several friends were attacked by a group of white teenagers after their car broke down.

Michael Griffith and several friends were attacked by a group of white teenagers after their car broke down.

The place is Howard Beach. The date is December 20, 1986. This predominately white neighborhood is located in Queens. Griffith and three other friends, Cedric Sandiford, Timothy Grimes, and Curtis Sylvester were stranded and looking for a pay phone when Griffith’s car had broken down. They were confronted by a group of whites who were yelling racial slurs and warning them to leave. They decide to eat at a pizza restaurant. The boys were later met by a mob of 12 white attackers with baseball bats, tire irons, and tree limbs. The leader of the gang, Jon Lester aged 17, assaulted Griffith and Sandiford. Grimes was armed with a knife and escapes. Sandiford begged for his life. Griffith was beaten badly, but tries to outrun his pursuers and heads to the Belt Parkway. He jumps through a hole in a fence adjacent to the highway. He staggered across the six lanes and is hit. He is killed instantly by driver Dominic Blun.

9. Yusef Hawkins

Yusef Hawkins was only a teen of 16 when he was attacked and shot to death in Benson Hurst. The evening of August 23, 1989 Hawkins and three friends were in an Italian neighborhood looking for a Pontiac. The youth was accosted by a group of angry white teenagers who wrongly assumed Hawkins was dating a white girl from the neighborhood. Eight kids were charged with the murder, but two in particular were the focus of the investigation — Joseph Fema and Keith Mondello, who were believed to have been the instigators. Fema was convicted of second degree murder by acting with depraved indifference. The jury was undecided about whether he fired the fatal shots. A different jury convicted Mondello of rioting, unlawful imprisonment, menacing, discrimination, and criminal possession of a weapon.

8. Marc Lepine

25-year-old Marc Lepine was angry and humiliated when he took his rage out on 14 women, declaring that he hated feminists. He entered a classroom and ordered the males to leave. When they did not heed his instructions he shot his rifle into the ceiling. Once alone with the females, he carefully shot 10 of them left to right. The alarm was raised by the males waiting out in the hall. As he made his exit he shot two more women. As the men ran back into the room to aid the fallen victims there lay a bloody scene before them. Six were dead and the other clinging to life. A student called 911 but when the ambulance arrived it could not immediately help until the police had others out of the building. His rampage continued through the college. Maryse Leclair received the worst of his fury, suffering gunshot wounds in addition to having been stabbed three times — one of which was through the heart. He ends the cruelty by firing a shot in his skull. Witnesses remarked how calm he was throughout the massacre.

7. Rwanda Massacre.

This massacre of possibly 1 million started with the death of Rwanda’s president Juvenal Habyarimana. Most appalling was it happened before the eyes of the UN Peacekeeping Force. Hutu militiamen crushed heads with clubs and then slit throats, even leaving schoolrooms covered with copses. For 100 days in spring of 1994 the bloody rampage continued by Hutu extremists. The Tutsi were hunted down in orphanages, hospitals, churches. The government was found liable in this act of genocide; conspiracy to commit genocide, direct and public incitement to commit genocide. As a result of the slaughter only 28 were convicted for this heinous massacre.

6. Mehdi Nemmouche

Mehdi Nemmouche

Mehdi Nemmouche

On May 24 Mehdi Nemmouche, a Frenchman, opened fire at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, killing four people. The victims were Israeli tourists from Tel Aviv. He unleashed his wrath on Miriam Riva 53, her husband Emmanuel Riva,54 and two others. These were not random targets but carefully selected for anti-semiticism. He fled on foot after the killing and disappeared in the side street. The Muslim attacker trained with the terrorists opposing the Syrian government. He was arrested in Marseilles on May 30th. Among his possessions was a Kalashnikov rifle and a handgun used in the crime. His mobile phone had video showing his weapons and his role in the murders. He voice recorded his regret that he could not capture his deeds. He also had a machine gun wrapped in the flag of Iraq and the extremist group ISIS, known for beheading and crucifixions

5. Mohamed Merah

This killer specifically targeted Arabs, Jews, and blacks. Killing a total of six people, his final victim was a young girl who was only 8-years-old. He terrorized her in the school courtyard and surveillance footage showed that he stoped her by pulling her hair. He then shoots her in the head with a .45 caliber.

Mohamed Merah, a French citizen of Algerian descent, admits his crime when Special Forces storm his ground floor apartment. The 23-year old was hiding in the bathroom with weapon in hand. The standoff lasted 36 hours and ends with him leaping out of a window shooting at the police in a frenzy. The operation ends with his death due to a gunshot to the head. In his apartment Special Forces Agents find a camera Merah had used to record the attacks.

4. East Side White Pride Attacks

This case was the murder of an Ethiopian immigrant by Neo-Nazi skinheads. On that night in November 1988 were a group of three males, Kyle Brewster, Steve Stasser, and Ken Mieske. They were drunk and rowdy, already pumped from handing out racist literature and prompted by their girlfriends they began their attack. Arguing over a friend’s car that had been double-parked, Seraw tried to keep the peace but it was too late. The angry clan struck with their fists and steel toe boots. Mieske with a baseball bat, vandalizes the taillights and windshield of Anten’s car. Mieske savagely beats Seraw with the bat until he falls to the ground. They continue the assault by kicking him while the girlfriends command “Kill him. Kill him.” The trio was found to be affiliated with a racial hate group known as East Side White Pride. An anonymous tipster reports the trio’s deed and the evidence was overwhelming, Mieske was charged with first degree murder and given life in prison.

3. Wisconsin Sikh Temple Attack

The worshipers at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin were preparing for service when a gunman intruded and started firing, mistaking the temple for a Muslim mosque. The police report that this was a domestic terrorist type incident. It began on a Sunday morning. He continued his rampage through the temple and congregation ran for cover. Some barricaded themselves in bathrooms and prayer halls and made urgent phone calls and texts asking for help. When it was over six people died and three others were injured. One of the first officers at the incident shot and killed the gunman. Another officer trying to tend to a victim was shot multiple times by.

2. Paris Shooting Spree Retaliation

In retaliation for the Paris shooting spree a Muslim father was stabbed numerous times to death. The neighbor, a 28 year old man repeatedly attacked the Moroccan man after breaking into his home. On January 14, 2015 the victim Mohammed el Makovi , 47 was stabbed 17 times in Beaucet near Augnon. His wife tried to help and was stabbed. She was unable to save her husband and escaped to call the police. The man has been charged with murder, attempted murder and drug possession. He was committed to a psychiatric hospital in Monfavet.

1. Andres Behring Breivik

Andres Behring Breivik

Andres Behring Breivik

Norwegian mass murderer Andres Behring Breivik has the distinction of being captured alive. It began on a Friday afternoon July 22nd in Oslo when a bomb exploded.  The city where the Nobel Prize is awarded is left with debris of metal, glass, and documents. The survivors are covered in dust and rubble. Others died from gunshot injuries or drowning. Witness accounts state the madman, posing as a police officer, ordered people to approach so that he could shoot them. Many victims pretended they were dead but it was in vain because he finished the act by shooting them in the head. He shot innocent youth for an hour and 35 minutes before the police came to the scene. His reasoning for the spree killing was to save Europe from Islam and multiculturalism. He was sentenced to 21 years in prison.