Imagine losing your life over a piece of dog shit. Not exactly a dazzling way to go out, is it? Unfortunately for Paul Wilson, that’s the end he was given on Fourth of July weekend when neighbor, Larry Bates, accused him of leaving dog droppings on his lawn and shot him.

“[Bates] started harassing us about two months ago,” said Beth Wilson, now a widow. “He thought our dogs were using the bathroom in his yard and they weren’t.”

Like neighbors will often inevitably do, Bates and Wilson were in a feud of sorts that stemmed from Wilson’s dogs leaving gifts behind on Bates’ lawn. No one enjoys finding a freshly laid turd on their front lawn. Any neighbor has an absolute right to air grievances.

The two men may have gotten into some conflict, but were able to talk it out. According to Beth, the conflict had been settled. “Nothing happened for two weeks.”

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But the peace didn’t last. On Sunday morning, while Wilson was walking one of his dogs, Bates came out from behind and shot multiple times. Both Wilson and the dog were hit.

Having heard the gunshots, Beth ran out from the house to see Bates running back into his and Wilson lying on the street, “I went to try to get his pulse and I put my hand on his back and I felt him take his last breath.” Wilson died on the street.

Bates was arrested and charged with felony murder and animal cruelty. He’s being held in the Barrow County Detention Center.

As for Beth, she’s left in a home she no longer wants, “I don’t even know if I can live here anymore, with those memories.

“He’s just taken everything from me, my husband, my best friend, my future, our children that we could have had.”

A man stolen from his wife. Over a piece of shit.