Football parties are supposed to be a good time. All you’re supposed to do is get together with your buds, grabs some snacks, grill some wings, get some beer, and get into the game. It’s an easy going yet adrenaline-inducing party, even if you’re not into football.

Meredith Lane, a 27-year-old resident, loved hosting her friends and family. She enjoyed getting people together and cooking for them. Being a fan of both football and food, hosting a viewing party for the first Cowboys game of the season sounded like a great plan.

Her friends, Anthony Cross, 33, Olivia Deffner, 24, James Dunlop, 29, Darryl Hawkins, 22, Rion Morgan, 31, Myah Bass, 28, and Caleb Edwards, 25, amongst others, all came over looking forward to a great night of food, fun, and friends.

When Spencer Hight arrived, Meredith’s estranged ex-husband, the party everyone had been looking forward to took a turn for the worst.


Between 8 and 8:30, police were notified of a shooting in progress on the 1700 block of Spring Creek Parkway. Gunshots rang even as an officer arrived on the scene. Approaching from the backyard, the officer saw “bodies down.”

The shooter was still active inside.

Upon entering, the officer found more bodies and the shooter using multiple firearms of different types as he massacred the partygoers.

“Hands up!” the officer yelled. The shooter turned to fire but the officer was faster. He shot the shooter and ended the bloodshed.

Six of the partygoers were dead on arrival. Two were seriously wounded and taken to the hospital immediately. Among the dead was Meredith. The shooter was her estranged ex-husband, Spencer.

So, what happened?

According to witness Crystal Sugg, the shooting began around 7:45 pm. She saw two people arguing. Based on what we know, we can guess that those two people were Meredith and Spencer.

Meredith reportedly tried to go back inside when Spencer pulled out an automatic weapon and began to fire. In a rage, he dropped every person in his range. It didn’t matter if they were the focus of his anger, if they were a dear friend, if they were an acquaintance, or even a stranger.

He simply fired his gun into a crowd of people just trying to enjoy a football game.


The motivation is unknown but can be speculated. Meredith and Spencer had married six years prior. But, due to Spencer’s continuous struggle with alcohol, the couple had split. Their case was still pending as of Monday the 10th, their sixth anniversary.

We’ll never know what Meredith and Spencer argued about. But we can guess that it had something to do with their relationship. It had something to do with the fact that Meredith was trying to make a life of her own while Spencer continued to slip further down the hole of alcoholism.

We know that Spencer arrived at Meredith’s with more than one weapon. We surmise that he went there with a mission. We see that he killed eight innocent partygoers. We won’t understand precisely why Spencer decided to massacre his friends.

What we do know is that the Cowboys won 19-3 against the Giants.