At around 2:30 am on Sunday, September 17, police were called to Taylor House in Columbus, Ohio. What was initially thought to be a random shooting turned out to be a domestic incident. Upon arriving at the scene, police discovered the bodies of 22-year-old Heather Campbell, an Ohio State Student, and 25-year-old Kyle Lafferty, a naval academy graduate.

A friend of Campbell’s had arrived to check on them and discovered the scene. In a 911 call, she says, “I just walked into my best friend’s apartment and her and her boyfriend were laying on the kitchen floor dead.”

Another call to 911 made by a downstairs neighbor showed that the couple had been arguing that night. “He was arguing with his girlfriend beforehand. I heard loud banging and it was terrifying and I went downstairs. I said to my boyfriend that sounds like domestic violence.”

It was clear to investigators that Lafferty shot and killed Campbell and then turned the gun on himself.

According to friends, there were no warning signs. If you looked at their social media accounts, you’d think that the two were a happy couple. Or at least pretending to be. A police spokesman stated, “[Lafferty] was a current boyfriend or potentially going to be an ex-boyfriend.”

The two had been dating for eight months, with Lafferty even moving in with Campbell. According to her grandmother, “She seemed like she adored him and he seemed to adore her. He’d been here and met most of the family. Everyone liked him a lot. He had a really good job.

“They seemed to be making plans for the future.”