One has to wonder what drives wealthy men to kill their entire families. Is there financial pressure? Potential white collar crime? Or was something very troubling going on behind the scenes?

Last Tuesday morning, Pierre De Bisschop, 47, the son of farmers and a successful entrepreneur, killed his wife, Celine, 47, daughter Marion, 18, and sons Jean, 20, and Baudouin, 12, before finally turning the gun on himself. Their bodies were discovered around 8:15 that morning at their beautiful farmhouse in the small village of Nouvion-et-Catillon in the Aisne region.


One look at the family’s social media accounts and it would appear that there was no problem. Photos from expensive vacations to Corsica, Touquet, and Ibiza were all smiles. The children were in good health, and the son was off succeeding at an engineering school.

Police were unable to find a third party or a financial issue for the De Bisschop family. Employees for De Bisschop claimed that he was a dedicated and involved boss who kept the business running steadily. To them, there was no indication that anything was wrong.


“He was demanding, that’s for sure,” said one employee. “But in our industry, it’s normal. He was a man who had always been able to bounce back and who wanted to keep going. Everyone knew he was working a lot, but he always knew how to change.

“Is it possible to explain such an irrational gesture?”

Police are still unsure of a motive behind the massacre. With no note left behind, it’s possible they may never learn why De Bisschop picked up a gun and massacred his entire family.