Parents are being advised to monitor their children’s online activities after Newtown County, Arkansas police make an arrest in a “sickening and scary sex crime,” The Baxter Bulletin reports.

31-year-old Christopher Collins is currently facing multiple felony charges after a woman alleges that she found Collins in bed with her minor niece. According to investigators, a woman who had been housesitting at the time walked into her niece’s bedroom to find Collins naked in her niece’s bed on June 9, 2017, at approximately 5 a.m. Collins quickly fled the scene by way of the girl’s bedroom window.


When police arrived to take the report, Collins allegedly messaged the girl through Facebook messenger. Police were able to gain access to the girl’s social media accounts and began having a conversation with Collins, posing as the girl. Collins agreed to meet at an undisclosed location where police were able to detain him. Found in his vehicle were several items he was told to bring during his conversation with police through the girl’s account.

Police later learned that Collins and the girl had been speaking regularly through not only Facebook messenger, but also several adult sites that Collins instructed the girl to sign up for. Both had swapped photos through the services for some time before Collins instructed the girl to leave her bedroom window open so he could go to her home and have sex with her.


“The way he was able to convince her to leave her window unlocked so a 31-year-old man she had never met could sneak in and have sex with her is just unsettling. The potential of what could have happened to this young lady is wide open. Parents really need to be very aware of what their children are doing online,” says Newton County investigator Glenn Wheeler.

Collins has since been charged with fourth-degree sexual assault, residential burglary, and internet stalking of a child. Police say more charges may follow as this is an on-going investigation.