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The host of the show is Mike Boudet who has been active in the world of podcasting since 2007. His background in audio engineering brings a high level of quality to the show, where he combines ambient sounds, music and foley effects to tell an immersive and visceral story.Among Mike’s many interests are fiction writing, which informs his ability to unravel a story and put the listener inside the listening experience. He’s also a documentary and true-crime TV junkie and can’t get enough of shows like Unsolved Mysteries, The First 48, American Greed and others.Mike’s love of broadcasting and desire to see higher quality independent podcasts led him to create Sword and Scale in late 2013, which combines his talents perfectly into possibly the best true-crime radio show out there.
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Mass Murder the Hot New Craze?
4 years ago

Mass Murder the Hot New Craze?

My recent chat with author Janice Holly Booth regarding her recent book “A Voice out of Nowhere: Inside the mind of a mass murderer” left me a bit rattled. The thought that a psychopathic mass murderer could be living right next door to me in plain site and I wouldn’t even know it is the stuff of nightmares. This is the kind of thought that grabs hold of you and a bottle of Melatonin pills and perhaps even a couple of horse tranquilizers simply are simply no match for. So I decided to do a little Googling and see if I was just overthinking things. Clearly this was a bad idea.
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