Tired of the rat race?  Tired of office gossip, water cooler chit chat, and the same old boring repetitive job?  Want to work from home …at your own pace, choosing your own hours?  Well, you may be in luck…

Sword and Scale, the longest running true-crime storytelling podcast, is looking for its next producer.

For a lucky fan, this will be the dream job of a lifetime! You will work directly with Mike Boudet and the Sword and Scale staff and host to research, write, fact-check, and produce actual episodes of Sword and Scale and Sword and Scale PLUS. Benefits include:

  • Competitive pay
  • Work from any location
  • Flexible hours
  • Flexible time off
  • Your work will be heard by a massive audience of fans!

This job is only open to S&S fans. You have to be acutely aware, and a fan of, S&S’s particular brand and style of storytelling in order to recreate it. You will receive feedback and constructive criticism, but are expected to hit the ground running with your first episode. We will not be training you.

The right candidate for this position is a self-starter, someone who absolutely loves true crime podcasts and feels they can produce the show just as well as it has been so far. You will be expected to…

  • Find and pitch original stories that have not been thoroughly covered by mass-media
  • Source audio from news sources, police dispatch audio, 911 calls, police interrogations, and courtroom trials
  • Locate, contact and interview sources via telephone or Skype
  • Write scripts with appropriate audio markers and timestamps, along with supplemental information
  • Ensure that information is factually correct by citing multiple sources
  • Create full audio mock-ups of episodes

In order to find the right candidate, who understands the S&S formula, is able to recreate it, and is not afraid of a little hard work, we are asking all candidates who wish to apply for a test episode. Below is an example set of deliverables which we will expect from you. This particular set is from the Omaree Varela episode (EP128).


  • Pitch Doc (The first doc created for a story. Normally this should be approved before production begins, however part of what we will be judging candidates on is their ability to select a great S&S story, and their understanding of what constitutes one.)
  • Script (The actual script used in the episode, with clip information and timestamps.)
  • Mockup (An MP3 of the producer acting as the narrator which is used to fine tune the script and offer suggestions back to the producer)
  • Show Description (This is the public-facing description used on the website and show notes.)
  • Sources Doc (A list of every source used along with its URL.)

Click here to download sample deliverables

To apply for this job you must email us a ZIP file which includes all of the docs above for a story you select and produce. In addition, please include your full name, location, and a short description of what you are currently doing now and why you want this job. We would also like to know how long it took you to produce this sample episode. Please send this email to jobs@swordandscale.com with the title “APPLICANT – (Your Full Name)”.  Prior experience doesn’t matter.  We don’t even want your resume …just the items required above.

If we like your work, we will reach out with an offer.

Good Luck!