Cosmetic surgery is a multi-billion dollar industry. According to a survey conducted by CBC News, in 2003 more than 302,000 surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures were performed in Canada alone. While some of these procedures were performed in a hospital under strict guidelines designated by Canadian laws, many were performed in private clinics, which are not held to the same standards as their taxpayer-funded hospitals.

Though most doctors who practice cosmetic surgery have the best interest of their clients at heart and strive to build a reputation for themselves within the industry by following legal mandates and best practices for the procedures, there are those who are only out to make a quick buck. Those who have been taken in by these shady clinics have not only faced a loss of money, but have also suffered a substantial detriment to their health, were forced to pay out additional money in order to correct the botched procedures, and in some cases, paid with their lives.


Toronto police say 19-year-old Jingyi Wang, known to her patients as “Dr. Kitty,” had allegedly been running the latest of these pop-up plastic surgery scams. Allegedly placing discreet advertisements in a restaurant frequented by the Chinese community, interested parties would have to scan a QR code with their phone in order to learn the details of the cosmetic services being offered by Dr. Kitty.

After speaking with Wang, patients would be directed to a residential home located near Bayview and Sheppard Aves, the Toronto Sun reports. Wang’s clinic was housed in the basement of the residence.

While police believe that Wang had been running the illegal clinic since early 2017, so far only one victim has come forward.

A young woman who has not been identified claimed she went to see Dr. Kitty in order to undergo a facial procedure. After the procedure, she developed an infection. Wang’s former patient was forced to be not only treated for the infection but had to consult another plastic surgeon in order to correct the botched surgery.


The woman went to police and informed them of her belief that Wang had been running an unlicensed clinic. Wang was charged with aggravated assault as a result of the botched plastic surgery job. Police believe there may have been additional victims but after reaching out through English and Chinese media sources, to date, no one else has come forward. Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact Toronto police at 416-808-3200.