Born to a notorious bank robber and jail breaker who spent years dodging the FBI, Stephen Paddock would go on to commit the worst mass shooting incident in U.S. history. As Las Vegas struggles to come to terms with the unanticipated horror that unfolded under their own glittering lights, police now say the brother of the gunman, Bruce Paddock, has been placed under arrest.


According to a report from the LA Times, 58-year-old Bruce Paddock was taken into custody by Los Angeles police after a lengthy investigation. Paddock has officially been charged with 20 counts related to the possession of child pornography and the exploitation of children, according to court documents cited by the newspaper.

Paddock was alleged to have been in possession of more than 600 images depicting children performing sexually explicit activities, including 10 images featuring minors under the age of 12.


Reports state that Paddock was arrested while working at an assisted living center located in North Hollywood. He has previous charges on his record including vandalism, criminal threats, and theft according to NBC.

Paddock was questioned extensively by the FBI after the Vegas shooting. At this time an FBI spokesperson has refused to comment on whether or not Paddock’s arrest was connected to the shooting investigation.