It was December of 2007 when Edward Shutov and his common law wife Oxana Domanskaya invited their neighbor, Alexander Novikov, over for an evening of drinking and partying. Things seemed to have been going well until a dispute between Shutov and Novikov broke out. Shutov came after him with a hammer, Domanskaya with a knife, minutes later Novikov would be dead.


Oxana Domanskaya

The couple stood dumbfounded, arguing between themselves as to what they should do with Novikov’s body. Shutov suggested they take the body and dump it elsewhere, but Domanskaya had other plans.

She began to hack up Novikov’s body bit by bit, wrapping the usable portions in cling wrap. The portioned out pieces of their former neighbor made their way into their refrigerator for safekeeping and what remained of Novikov was dumped into a nearby storm drain.

Novikov's remains inside of Domanskaya and Shutov's freezer.

Novikov’s remains inside of Domanskaya and Shutov’s freezer.

It was the morning of December 18th when a group of children had been walking to school. As they made their way down Repina Street they saw what appeared to be part of a human leg sticking up out of the storm drain. Horrified by their findings, they ran to a nearby shop and the clerk contacted police immediately.

Police knocked on the door of the Shutov/Domanskaya residence hopping to get some information about the body found near their home believed to have been the remains of their former neighbor. Traces of blood were seen around the home. The couple was immediately taken in for questioning.

As the investigation continued throughout the home, a pan of oil was found on the stove and bits of human remains had been fried up inside. Near the kitchen trash, a bag of entrails and flesh had been found.

Charred human flesh found frying on top of the couple's stove.

Charred human flesh found frying on top of the couple’s stove.

Domanskaya [NSFW] denied that she had been cooking and eating human meat, but her husband confessed. Shutov said that after butchering their former neighbor, his wife decided to taste some of the flesh. Domanskaya allegedly offered Shutov to taste some as well, but he declined.

Shockingly enough, police say it wasn’t the first case of cannibalism they had encountered in the area. In 2004, two young women murdered another young man and feasted on his liver. If you’ve been making arrangements to visit Ukraine, it may be one of many reasons to rethink your travel plans.