You never know when things could escalate far beyond your expectations. An innocent reaction to a tense situation could intensify to a violent point. Your attempt to stop a robbery might just lead to your brutal murder.

That’s exactly what happened to UK celebrity bodyguard Ricky Hayden, 27, who was killed when he and his father tried to stop the robbery of a moped outside their home in Chadwell Heath.


Tommy Roome, 19, along with two others, crept up on the Hayden property on the night of September 13, 2016, in order to steal a scooter. Hayden, dressed only in his boxers, saw the attempt and ran out with his father, Paul, 54, to stop it.

Wanting to defend his find, Roome pulled out a machete and attacked his attackers. Roome stabbed Hayden repeatedly. Hayden was soon rushed to the hospital but died the following day from the injuries.

It wasn’t long before Roome was arrested and charged with the murder of Hayden. During the trial, the jury found Roome not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter. The argument was that he was trying to defend himself and didn’t intend to kill Hayden.


Judge Philip Katz, however, had a different interpretation of Roome’s motives, stating at the sentencing, “I am sure that your use of a knife was not a sudden or a spontaneous reaction to a meaningful threat of violence from the Haydens.

“I am sure when you stabbed him, Ricky was unarmed wearing boxer shorts and bare footed.

“In the circumstances you knew perfectly well that using such a weapon to stab anyone might easily cause lethal injury.”

Roome was sentenced to 14 years. Hayden’s family cheered at the announcement. His mother, Suzanne Hedges, told Roome to “rot in hell.”