Jack William Morgan and his companion Samuel Brown, who identifies as a woman and goes by the name “Sophie,” spent more than a year plotting the kidnap of Morgan’s former girlfriend, Jane Priebe. The pair would regularly stalk Priebe, watching her every move until one day they finally put their plan into action, the AP reports.


In January of 2017, neighbors witnessed Morgan and Brown drag the woman from her Las Vegas apartment. From there Priebe was thrown into a van and placed in chains. When police arrived at the scene they found articles of clothing, the woman’s purse, and other items strewn inside her apartment. There had also been signs of a struggle, with a knife and a stun gun device left in front of the door, indicating Priebe may have possibly tried to fight off her attackers.

If authorities had not been able to trace Morgan’s phone to New Mexico, Priebe may not have been alive to tell her story. “He dragged me out of the place, and I fought so (expletive) hard cause I was like, this is how you die,” Priebe told police.

Both Morgan and Brown were placed under arrest. Morgan sang Amazing Grace in the back of one police car, while Brown simply told officers that she was frightened and she was escorted to another.

Police were able to speak with Priebe to further piece together how she ended up chained in the back of the couple’s van. According to the woman, she had agreed to have coffee with Morgan only a week prior to the kidnapping. Brown’s job was to follow Priebe in order to find out which apartment she lived in and had even gone door-to-door pretending to collect money for a church charity. Morgan’s plan was to take Priebe to a cave and brainwash her into becoming his wife.



Priebe had sustained various cuts, scrapes, and bruises to her body and had been choked by Morgan until she had lost consciousness, but has since made a full recovery. Police video of the woman’s miraculous rescue has since been made public.