Two Oklahoma parents have been arrested and charged with what investigators and hospital staff are calling the worst case of child abuse they’ve ever seen.

According to the reports, 24-year-old Aislyn Miller and 25-year-old Kevin Fowler brought their twin infants to an urgent care center suffering from a variety of ailments. Medical staff reported that both of the twins were skeletal in appearance and had been suffering from bed sores and diaper rash. Feces had been inside one of the infant’s ears and one of the twins had been suffering an infection after hair became wrapped around one of her fingers. One report also stated that a maggot was witnessed crawling out from one of the victims’ genitals.


Police were dispatched shortly after the family’s arrival to the urgent care center. Both of the infants were transported to a local hospital and Miller and Fowler had been placed under arrest.

Fowler and Miller told investigators that they knew the condition of the twins was bad, but they could not afford health insurance and were unsure of how they could get the babies the medical attention they needed. The couple also told investigators that the infants, who were born premature, had not seen a doctor since their birth.

The couple said that they were “new parents” and weren’t accustom to taking care of children. They understood that the infants were in poor health, but that they believed that this was partially due to their premature births.

Both Miller and Fowler have been released on $50,000 bond. Both infants have been removed from their parents’ custody.


In addition to the infants, CBS reports that two other older children were found at the couple’s home. The house has been described as in poor condition, with lots of clutter and animal feces scattered about.