He wanted to lift his buddy’s spirits by sending him a little holiday cheer. Unfortunately, that holiday cheer was crystal meth and now those two men will be ringing in the New Year together behind bars.


Davidson County Jail officials say they intercepted a suspicious looking Christmas card on November 29, 2017. In the card addressed to inmate Dustin Moore officials believed they had uncovered illegal contraband, specifically an illegal substance. Moore had been in the jail on drug-related charges and the card containing the drugs was sent by his former roommate, Eric Hull.

Now, Hull and Moore will be rooming together once again. Moore has been charged with attempting to possess a controlled substance in jail, while Hull was charged with delivering methamphetamine. Both men are scheduled to appear before a judge on January 25.

Hull has received a $25,000 secured bond, while the judge tacked another $100,000 to Moore’s previous bail.