A Colorado Springs family claims they are being victimized by a female jogger who insists on using the sidewalk in front of their home as a toilet.

The Denver Post reports that Cathy Budde’s children were the first to witness the jogger pull down her pants in front of their home and proceed to defecate on the sidewalk.

“They are like, ‘There’s a lady taking a poop!’ So I come outside, and I’m like . . . ‘are you serious?’” Budde later reported to KKTV.

Budde says the woman, who she and her family have since nicknamed “The Mad Pooper,” apologized to Budde after the confrontation and she assumed that would be the last she or her family would see of the jogger. To Budde’s surprise, this wouldn’t be the last time The Mad Pooper struck.


The female jogger Budde and her family have nicknamed “The Mad Pooper” after witnessing the woman defecate outside of their home.

Rather than feeling mortified, the jogger was instead emboldened by the confrontation with Budde and has proceeded to poop in front of Budde’s home for seven consecutive weeks. Budde and her children have caught the Mad Pooper in the act twice since the initial confrontation, while other times only a pile of soiled napkins were left to tell the tale.

Budde was able to take a photograph of the jogger on one occasion and used this photo to create fliers, which she hung around her neighborhood. Even spreading the word about the Mad Pooper wasn’t enough to prevent the defecation from happening week after week.


Left strapped for ideas, Budde had no choice but report the Pooper to local law enforcement.

Lt. Howard Black, who is currently looking into the case, told the Washington Post, “This has been comical, but I also don’t want to be flip about it. If it’s a mental health issue, she’ll still be held accountable, but we would want to get her help.”

Budde believes the incidents are intentional because there is no shortage of public bathrooms in the area. The Denver Post reports that there are several gas stations near the woman’s jogging route as well as porta-potties at a park near Budde’s home. Since learning of the incident, neighbors have reported they have also witnessed the jogger defecating in backyards and at a local Walgreens drug store.

Black is currently in the process of identifying the jogger. If caught in the act, The Mad Pooper could be facing charges including indecent exposure and public defecation.