In Yukon, Oklahoma, an investigation is currently underway in what officials are calling “one of, if not the sickest things” things they’ve ever heard of. According to police, Daniel Thomas J. Deffner, as well as an unidentified woman, have been arrested for plotting to sexually assault her unborn child.


The mother, who is from Midwest City, met Deffner on Facebook and the pair began chatting. In these conversations Deffner described raping, molesting and torturing the woman’s unborn child upon delivery. The woman shockingly agreed to partake in these activities.

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West later said in a press release, “This is one of, if not the sickest things I’ve ever heard of, and I can’t describe the evil and deranged details of what they were planning to do to this innocent and defenseless baby,”

In addition to planning to rape a newborn baby, police also found evidence of Deffner chatting with an 11-year-old child. Deffner had nude photos of the child on his computer, as well as other devices, and police say that Deffner had planned to meet up with the girl in order to have sex with her.


Deffner has been arrested on a litany of charges including possession of a controlled substance and child pornography. At the time of his arrest he was already on probation for child neglect and drug-related charges, KFOR reports.

The woman has not been identified, but police say Midwest City is handling her case. The woman’s baby has since been born and has been placed in protective custody.

“It sickens me to no end that an 11-year-old girl spent any amount of time alone with such a sick and demented individual as Deffner. I pray that baby wasn’t scarred for life,” West stated.

Deffner is currently in police custody and is being held on a $101,500 bond.