On Tuesday, July 23rd of last year a white 93′ Mazda MX3 pulled into the Broadway Auto & Exhaust shop in Shelby, Ohio. A 17-year-old girl and her mother had brought in the car in for some minor repairs, after noticing that the car’s front end was acting a bit odd.

Ron Hamilton, the auto shop’s owner began working on the car when he realized he needed a tool to remove the front tires. He figured, as in every previous car he’d worked on, that the tool he needed would be somewhere in the car, likely the trunk. So popped it open to see if he could find what he needed.

Dead Baby in TrunkAlmost immediately the smell hit him. He figured that some sort of critter must have crawled into the trunk and died so he tried to find it, but soon it became clear that the smell was coming from a box of copy paper that was closed with a lid. He removed it and placed it near a trash can and figured he’s call the teen’s mother and tell her about the strange-smelling box, but she claimed to know nothing about the box and asked Hamilton to throw it away.

Hamilton was about to throw away the box but decided he’d take a look first. He used a stick to pry the cardboard lid off and was horrified by what he saw. Inside the box, wrapped in a towel, was a dead baby girl. He would later describe what he saw in an interview for USA Today

There was a foot and an arm and half a body of a baby inside the towel. My guess would be eight or nine months, about two feet long.

Police would later learn that the baby was a result of the 17-year-old’s unwanted pregnancy, and that neither the mother nor the child’s alleged father had known about the pregnancy. A more horrifying fact that was discovered during the investigation is that the teen had been driving around in the car for almost nine months with her child’s dead body in the trunk.

Dead Baby in Trunk

No arrests were made and it is likely the police were unable to prove that the child was born alive.

A case like this of a young girl’s unwanted pregnancy and stupid series of decisions is sad, to say the least, but surely this is not quite as unfathomable as when willing parents simply forget about their children and leave them in the car to die. Such a case occurred in September of last year.