Jessica Burlew is a little “different.”  As though the dyed blue-green hair and facial piercings aren’t enough to set her apart from the crowd, the 16-year-old Arizona girl loves to chat about vampire-culture on a a site by the name of Vampire Freaks and goes by the username ‘soultaker11’.

Jessica BurlewThe teen also likes to perform non-conforming activities like sex with middle-aged men.  Of course, it’s not just regular sex, that would be too blasé.  Instead she likes to play rough.  That’s supposedly what was happening on January 19th, 2014 when she accidentally killed her 43-year-old boyfriend Jason Ash.  Apparently, the couple didn’t have a safe word.

Authorities found Ash strangled to death in the girl’s bed.  Burlew said she strangled her boyfriend with an electrical cord as a form of foreplay, but Ash passed out.  The girl also told police she cut the man with a razor blade to try and revive him.  She then cut him some more to “alleviate her stress from the situation.”

Burlew’s strange obsession with death casts some doubt over her claims of the incident being an unfortunate accident.  On YouTube, where she goes by the alter-ego “Xenia Nex”, you can see videos of Burlew singing dark songs with creepy lyrics she wrote with names like Golden Age of Death and Poor Little Victims.

Once Burlew realized her boyfriend was in trouble she called her mother who placed the 911 call. Then Burlew ran off. Police found her hiding in a neighbor’s apartment wearing a burka as a disguise.

Mother: “They were playing a sex game.”
911 Operator: “Keep going…”
Mother: “And I guess they got in a fight. She said they got in a fight and he was hitting her.”
911 Operator: “Hitting your daughter?”
Mother: “Yeah and she choked him, I just ran to the store real quick.”
911 Operator: “She choked him unconscious?”
Mother: “Yeah there’s blood she cut him. They’re like into ******* mutiliation ****.”
911 Operator: “Where was he cut?”
Mother: “At his arms, he was cut all over his face.”
911 Operator: “Did she do this to hurt him or was this a sex thing?”
Mother: “It’s…yeah…I think it’s a sex thing.”
911 Operator: “She’s not violent?”
Mother: “She didn’t do this on purpose”
911 Operator: “To hurt him?”
Mother:”I don’t know, I don’t know, I mean his pants are undone too so…”
911 Operator: “His pants are undone?”
Mother: “Yeah.”

Jessica Burlew has been charged with second-degree murder in the man’s death and will be tried as an adult.