In March of 2017, 9-year-old Jaden was allowed to assist his neighbor, 19-year-old Marcel Hesse in setting up a ladder. Hours had passed and Jaden’s parents became worried about his whereabouts. Jaden’s stepfather, Pascal, had knocked on Heese’s door but there was no answer. Pascal was forced to scale a balcony. Once inside, he was met with a bloodbath.


Pascal found Jaden on the floor in “a giant lake of his own blood.” The boy had been stabbed to death. Within hours, Heese had taken to the internet to brag about his handiwork.

Several friends were emailed videos of Hesse killing Jaden. Hesse also took the liberty of spreading the video and still images of himself posing with Jaden’s body around websites on the deep web. Two hours after the slaying, Hesse appeared online again to claim that he had attacked a woman adding, “She offered more resistance than the child.”


It was through these online posts that one viewer had recognized Hesse and reported him to the police. Police issued a warrant for Hesse’s arrest, but Heese was already on the run and police admitted that they weren’t sure where to look.

Hesse was arrested the following day. According to reports, Hesse had been hiding out in the apartment of another man. When the man discovered that Heese was wanted by the police, Hesse killed him and set the apartment on fire. Shortly after killing the man, Hesse walked to a nearby fast food restaurant and announced to the staff to call the police because the police were looking for him.


Police arrived and Hesse surrendered peacefully. After taking Hesse into custody he admitted to killing a man and alerted them to the apartment that was burning just blocks away. Heese is currently a suspect in two additional murders.

Jaden’s family were relieved upon hearing the news of Hesse’s arrest. They told reporters that they are hopeful that Hesse will be prosecuted under the full extent of the law for his particularly heinous attack on their young son and other alleged victims.