A domestic dispute between a father and son about a hedgehog ended in assault charges on June 30, 2017.

Homer Stacy, II was found by police pushing a wheelchair with a baseball bat and a machete in the seat. Stacy told Palm Beach, Florida Police that the weapons were “for his protection.”


Stacy’s son, 18-year-old Jacob Stacy, told police that he went to his father’s home after Stacy asked him to collect his hedgehog and other things. While there, the younger Stacy says his father had been drinking and became irrational. Stacy began pushing his son and told him to “go hurt” another woman Jacob’s mother had been staying with as he stabbed a door with a pocket knife.

According to the Miami Herald, Jacob Stacy attempted to exit the back door of the home with the intention of collecting his items later. Stacy pushed Jacob as he fled. It was after leaving the home that Jacob witnessed his father remove his shirt before placing the bat and the machete into the wheelchair he had been seen pushing when police arrived on the scene.

Police questioned Stacy at the scene. Stacy, who was reported to have gone between cooperative to incomprehensible during the questioning was cuffed and taken into custody. While in the back of the police cruiser Stacy allegedly yelled, “I’m going to fucking kill you!” to his son who had been speaking with police.

Stacy is currently sitting in Palm Beach County Jail awaiting bond.