On the night of June 26, 2009, 10-year-old Lindsey Baum went to a friend’s home and never returned. The news came as a shock to not only Lindsey’s family but to the entire town of McCleary, Washington. Home to only 1,500 people, no one could understand how a young girl could vanish without someone knowing something. Eight years later, they are still looking for answers. Now authorities are saying they may have new clues in the girl’s abduction after the search of a home belonging to three elderly brothers revealed stacks of child pornography.


According to the Seattle Times, the police were contacted on August 9, 2017 by a relative of the three brothers, identified as T.W. The relative had been appointed the legal guardian of one of the brothers, Charles Emery, after he had been diagnosed with dementia. Charles had recently been moved to a residential facility and his caretaker had been at the home cleaning out his things when she stumbled upon boxes full of not only child pornography, but children’s shoes, toys, and fliers and articles related to missing children around the country. Among these documents had been a flier for Lindsey Baum.

According to court documents, police found written notes and journals belonging to Charles, Thomas, and Edwin Emery documenting the abduction, torture, and murder of female children. Investigators believe that these documents weren’t just fantasy penned by three brothers obsessed with molesting and abusing young girls but may have been personal accounts.


During police questioning, Edwin admitted to abusing female family members throughout the years but claimed to have no knowledge of what was in the garage. In 2003, Edwin had faced prosecution after taking his computer to be serviced. A repairman found dozens of explicit photos of young children on his hard drive and contacted police. After an investigation, the charges were dropped by prosecutors. It is unclear why the case was never pursued.


Police are now searching the grounds for bodies and looking into other properties the brothers have been connected to.

NBC reports that the brothers have lived in the home for 50 years and have spent a lifetime collecting photos and videos of the sexual exploitation of minors. Reports also suggest that a lot of the material had been produced by the brothers themselves.

The brothers are each being held on $500,000 bond. Investigators are now hoping with the Emery brothers on their radar they can begin to close the case on not only Lindsey Baum, but other missing children cases within the greater-Seattle area.