If it wasn’t apparent from the recent Orlando shootings, the tragic murder of up and coming star Christina Grimmie, or the tragic accident at the Magic Kingdom where a toddler was dragged off by an alligator, Florida may be a state you want to avoid. Adding to Florida’s case file this week is a story out of Largo.

A 27-year-old man has been arrested for catfishing a mentally disabled woman after he posed as country singer Jason Aldean. Daniel Faris allegedly used two fake social media accounts to scam the woman out of approximately $2500 and had at least one sexual encounter with her.


Faris is now facing grand theft charges. Faris was able to pull off his scam by posing as both Aldean and a friend of the country music star on Facebook. Using the woman’s fandom as leverage, Faris messaged the woman as a friend of Aldean’s and told her that Aldean was in love with her, but he was on tour at the time and needed money.

Initially Faris asked the woman for $2000 in order to pay for his tour costs. He did not get the full amount, but was able to get $230 on two separate occasions. He was also able to swindle $2,360 worth of checks from the woman, who he also had sex with.

The man admitted to police that he had a drug problem and that he used the money to fuel his prescription pill addiction. Faris is being held on a $4,000 bond as he awaits trial.