If you’ve been looking for some short documentaries you can pop on during your lunch break or to watch as you’re jogging on the treadmill, then look no further. We dug up five documentaries you can watch for completely free on Youtube to get you through your mid-day true crime fix.

This is the Zodiac Speaking

If you’re new to the Zodiac Killer case then this film could serve as an excellent 45 minute primer on the killings that rocked Northern California throughout the 1960s and 1970s, as well as the cryptic clues that the killer sent to the press. Every aspect of the investigation is covered and includes interviews with the original investigators and the victims who were lucky enough to survive their encounters.

The Boneyard: Serial Killers Leonard Lake and Charles Ng

A simple shoplifting charge turns into a murder investigation after police pull over Leonard Lake and Charles Ng in 1985. The remote ranch the pair had been living at turned out to be the worst crime scene investigators have ever stumbled upon and nearly 50 pounds of bones were removed from the property. Walk through this gruesome story step-by-step as investigators seek to find out who these victims were and see to it that justice is served.


If you’ve already listened to Episode 50, but you’re left with wanting more on the story then this PBS documentary is for you. Considered by many to be the most comprehensive coverage of the case on the years leading up to the construction of Jonestown and the most horrific mass suicide (though some say murder) in world history that was to follow, to say that this documentary will leave you chilled to the core would be an understatement.

James Bulger: A Mother’s Story

Make sure you have a box of tissues handy for this one. James Bulger was only two-years-old when he was abducted from a shopping mall in February 1993 and later found murdered. In this exclusive interview, James’ mother tells the story from her perspective and her journey to come to terms with her son’s tragic fate.

The Craigslist Killer: Seven Days of Rage

A mysterious killer had been targeting women offering “adult services” on the popular classified website Craigslist. This documentary recaps the crimes and details how investigators were able to track down medical student Philip Markoff.