A South Carolina man with a history of stalking was arrested after police say they received reports of a masked man following a female victim as she commuted to work.

According to reports, the masked man began to tail the woman in his silver Kia Rio as she left her home on September 19, 2017. The woman told police that she shouted to the stalker at a traffic light, ordering him to stop following her and informed him that she had contacted Greenville Police.

Using the information provided by the victim, police were able to connect the incident to 24-year-old Brandon Hayes Reser.



After obtaining a warrant, police say they found photos Reser had taken of the woman outside of her home, as well as at her place of employment. Reser was arrested and charged with the stalking. It would appear that this isn’t the first complaint made against Reser.

WYFF4 reports that in January 2015 Reser was investigated after three women reported the man followed them as they jogged in downtown Greenville. Then in July of 2016, Target staff reported to police that they had spotted Reser watching female employees and customers in the parking lot. As recently as June 2017, Reser was banned from the grounds of Stone Lake Community Club, after staff accused Reser of taking photographs of people in the pool. Finally, on July 29, 2017, Reser was under investigation again after a woman reported that the man had been taking pictures and following her in his vehicle.

Police believe that there may be many more women who had been targeted by Reser who have not yet come forward. Anyone with more information on the case is encouraged to contact Greenville Crime Stoppers at 864-23-CRIME (27463).