In December of 2016, a teacher’s aid and track coach was removed from his position with a Washington D.C. middle school after a parent found suspicious text messages on her son’s phone. There were whispers about the after school activities Carlos Deangelo Bell engaged in with students, but prior to an investigation spanning nearly eight months, those rumors paled in comparison to the magnitude of the crimes committed by Bell.


Bell’s electronic devices, including his cell phone, were confiscated as part of the investigation. On these devices, Bell was found to be in the possession of compromising photos of students and photos of himself performing sexual acts with his victims. Some of these sexual acts appeared to have taken place on school grounds, while other times they occurred at Bell’s home.

From May of 2015 until Bell’s dismissal from the school in December of 2016, police believe the former coach sexually assaulted as many as 24 students, 13 of these victims have since identified themselves to police.

Bell, who was HIV positive at the time of the sexual abuse, failed to use protection while engaging in sexual acts with the students. So far two of Bell’s victims have been tested for the virus. Their results came back negative.

Fox 5 DC reports that Bell has since been indicted on 119 charges including:

  • 44 counts of filming child pornography.
  • 38 counts of second-degree sex offense.
  • 12 counts of child sexual abuse.
  • 5 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
  • 3 counts of transmitting or attempting to transmit the HIV virus.
  • 2 counts of third-degree sex offense.
  • 2 counts of second-degree assault.
  • 2 counts of solicitation of a minor.
  • Distribution of marijuana.

Police believe there may be additional victims that have not come forward. Investigators have encouraged parents whose children may have been in contact with Bell to come speak with them immediately.