When most newlyweds go on their honeymoon, it’s typically a time of rest and relaxation with the ones they love. Whether they’re spending a lot of money to visit a tropical oasis or they go the low-key route of a romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast away from home, most couples take that time to privately celebrate their new life together. One Georgia couple, however, had other plans for their romantic retreat.


When newlyweds Timothy Lowe and Rashada Hurley went to Miami for their honeymoon, their stay there was anything but low-key. On July 10, 2017, police received reports of Lowe and Hurley kidnapping a woman as she left a local grocery store.

According to the victim, she had been backing out of a parking space when Hurley came to her window. The woman rolled down the window to speak with Hurley and was hit over the head, causing the woman to lose consciousness.

When the victim came to she spotted Lowe in the driver’s seat of her car. Hurley had proceeded to punch and choke the woman as they escaped with both the woman and the car. From there the couple took the woman to a motel where they rented a room with the woman’s credit card. There, she told police she was forced to have intercourse with the couple and perform oral sex on Hurley. When she saw a window of opportunity to escape, she took it.

The couple sped off in the woman’s car. Police were able to apprehend the couple and the victim was able to pick them out of a police lineup.

It was after the couple’s arrest that police learned that both Lowe and Hurley had also been accused of walking into two area businesses completely nude. In one of the incidents, witnesses claim that the couple walked into the store and grabbed two sodas without paying.

It was after the couple’s honeymoon crime spree made the local news that a University of Miami student recognized the couple.

According to a report from the Miami Herald, the 20-year-old student had been making her way back to her apartment downtown when Lowe pulled her into a staircase. Hurley had been wearing only a pair of pink underwear and a black top at the time of the attempted abduction. The couple attempted to take the student to a car in a nearby parking lot. Thankfully, the student recognized an opportunity to flee before they could get her into the vehicle.

Both Lowe and Hurley are being held without bond. Lowe has been charged with kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, indecent exposure and petty theft. Similarly, Hurley has been charged with attempted kidnapping, indecent exposure and cocaine possession.