It was just a typical day for inmates assigned to work detail at a cemetery for a Polk, County Georgia prison. These offenders, whose crimes range from drug offenses to probation violations are able to work outside of the prison on account of their low-level crimes and good behavior behind bars.

As the inmates began their work at the cemetery, they noticed the guard who had been assigned to keep watch over them as they performed their duties didn’t look quite right. On that particular day, the humidity had been at 100 percent and the guard, who has chosen not to be identified, kept having coughing spells. As the coughing fits persisted, the guard says he kept getting hotter until finally, he passed out.

“That moment when they’re out, they’re not really inmates to you,” the deputy told 11 Alive. “They’re just a group of guys and you’re out. You try to be more like friends and in my case, it just worked out for the better.

Many prisoners would have used that opportunity to make a break for freedom but instead, these six inmates chose to do the right thing. They immediately rushed to the guard’s aid, removing his bulletproof vest in order to help him cool down and used his phone in order to dial 911.


Now, these inmates are being rewarded for their actions. The sheriff has recommended that they all receive a reduction in their sentences, meaning some of them may be released within the coming weeks. In addition to receiving recognition for their heroic acts by the sheriff, the guard’s family invited the six inmates to a picnic in the park.

This news comes just weeks after another Georgia inmate fatally stabbed another prisoner and a correctional officer in an escape attempt. Tyrafred Amira Campbell had been serving a 20-year sentence for three counts of aggravated robbery and one count of aggravated assault. The case is still being investigated by prosecutors.

Since the story of the Georgia inmates helping a correctional officer broke it has spread throughout the globe and people around the world are praising the inmates for their selflessness and quick action.