In 2012, the lead singer of the wildly popular Welsh group, the Lostprophets, was placed under arrest on child pornography allegations. The sordid tale of the rise and fall of their egotistical frontman, Ian Watkins, was fodder for tabloids and mainstream news outlets for months to come. Twitter wars between his supporters and his critics continue on to this day, but by December 18, 2013 the courts would come to their own conclusions based on the evidence found in Watkins’ possession. Ian Watkins was found guilty and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Many followed this story closely as it was unfolding throughout 2013, but few know the story behind the headlines and the women who offered Watkins their own children in order to satisfy his incomprehensible sexual perversions.


The sentencing remarks at Watkins’ trial, released by Rock Revolt Magazine in 2014, reveal not only a glimpse into the depths of depravity Watkins was willing to sink to in order to satisfy his sexual urges, but the women who were willing to go to any lengths necessary to see to it that those urges were satisfied.

The women – called “Woman B” and “Woman P” within these documents – not only failed to protect their children, but willfully put their children into the clutches of a dangerous sexual predator and undoubtedly inflicted serious physical and psychological harm that could potentially have lifelong consequences.

The stories you are about to read are undoubtedly hard to stomach. While men like Watkins are some of the most sadistic creatures to roam the planet, there are no words within the English language that could describe a mother who would use their own child in such vicious and sadistic manner. Mothers are supposed to nurture and protect their children. These mothers went above and beyond failing those two basic tenets of motherhood.

Woman B

Woman B was only 19-years-old when she began speaking with the disgraced Lostprophet’s frontman. Though they had met in late 2011, it wouldn’t be until the spring of 2012 that the pair had begun to speak about the possibility of Woman B offering her 10-month-old son to Watkins sexually.

Watkins already knew that the woman was a regular user of crystal methamphetamine and had told Watkins that she frequently exposed her baby to the drug. Watkins, known to be a frequent drug user himself, would have detailed conversations with Woman B on how they would force the child to get high on the illegal substance and the number of ways the pair would sexually abuse him. It wouldn’t be long until the young mother offered to make these depraved late night chats a reality.


Investigators interviewed Woman B after reading these text message conversations on a cell phone taken from Watkins. She told them that on March 21, 2013 Watkins contacted her and said, “Come down this weekend and we can fuck him up again.” – “Fuck him up” referring to getting the infant high on crystal methamphetamine. Woman B responded, “Tell me if you want to get your dick in our boy.” After the conversation Woman B made arrangements to meet with Watkins at London’s K West Hotel with the infant in tow.

Throughout April 2nd and 3rd the pair made a video at the hotel documenting Watkins’ attempt at raping the infant in the mouth and anus with Woman B heard in the background cheering on his attempts. Woman B can then be seen on the video performing oral sex on the child and placing his had on her vagina as Watkins assists in masturbating him.


In May of the same year, the pair would continue to discuss the ways they could sexually abuse the infant. Watkins says that it’s, “Time to teach him and MAKE him learn to love it.” The following month it was documented that Watkins had met with the woman and her infant child again at The Maldron Hotel. Additionally, a photo of the woman licking the infant’s penis found on Watkins’ phone had been sent after the two meetings.

Woman P

Woman P was another young mother Watkins had been speaking with throughout the fall of 2012. The pair had been corresponding regularly at the time and there had even been talks of them moving in together. Watkins warned the woman through a text, “if u belong to me so does ur baby.” Woman P replies, “understandable… a mother – daughter slave duo worshiping you.” Watkins is pleased with Woman P’s response to the threat that would send a chill down the average mother’s spine. He says, “that’s all she will know … a life of filth.”

Affectionately referring to the infant as his “little fucktoy,” Watkins talks in great length with Woman P about getting the child addicted to drugs and forcing the baby to have sex with animals. In other messages Watkins details how he would torture the girl for fun and force her into prostitution. “[S]he needs to know mummy and daddy don’t love her she is just there to make us cum.” Watkins says in one such conversation between himself and Woman P.


The woman had sent a number of photos of the infant’s vagina, as well as images where she had digitally penetrated the infant, to Watkins throughout the length of their relationship, but it was a record Skype conversation Woman P had with Watkins that really pushed the courts over the edge.

In September of 2012, Woman P and Watkins had a lengthy conversation over Skype. During the conversation Woman P presented the baby in front of the camera and Watkins encourages her to lick her finger and penetrate the girl. Woman P could be seen gleefully obliging to Watkins’ request as he can be seen masturbating on a second screen.

After the woman agreed to sexually abuse her daughter for Watkins over Skype, they met twice during the month of October. The woman initially told investigators that she had never met with Watkins, but later admitted to her meetings with Watkins. She claimed the child had not been with her on those occasions. Since no evidence was found to suggest that Watkins actually had raped the infant, she was only able to be charged with a conspiracy to orchestrate the rape of her daughter as well as charges related to the Skype conversation between her and Watkins.

The careful planning of the depraved acts her and Watkins would perform on the infant and the meetings between the pair have lead many to believe that there was much more to the story than what could be proven in court.


Woman B was sentenced to 17 years for the attempted rape and sexual assault performed on her infant son, as well as the sexually explicit photos she posed in with her son. The courts say that though the boy was young and has since been placed in foster care, there is no telling the psychological difficulties the boy will struggle with later in life when he learns of what had occurred.

Woman P was sentenced to 14 years in prison for digitally penetrating her infant daughter over Skype, producing pornographic photos of her daughter, and coming to an agreement that Watkins should rape her child. A court-ordered psychological evaluation of the woman determined that she had been suffering from mixed personality disorder and recommended her to undergo continuing therapy sessions.

Watkins would receive 23 years for incidents involving both the women and underage fans dating back to 2007. When asked for comment, his former bandmates said that they had no idea that Watkins was capable of such deplorable offenses against children and claimed that they had no prior knowledge of Watkins’ encounters with young fans. Though the band broke up in the October prior to Watkins’ arrest, they say that Watkins’ pedophilia had nothing to do with their decision.