It was just after Nikki Flux-Edmonds had left for work on the morning of June 1, 2016, when she began to receive text messages from her estranged husband. The couple had been experiencing marital problems and Nikki had proposed that the couple separated pending a divorce. After hearing from his wife that she had plans to leave him, Darren Flux-Edmonds became extremely erratic, promising to leave Nikki with “only memories.”


Nikki became disturbed with her estranged husband’s cryptic text messages and dialed 999 to send patrols over to the Isle of Wight home the couple had once shared. When police arrived 28 minutes later it was already too late.

Flux-Edmonds was found hanged from a loft. In a bedroom, the couple’s 6-year-old daughter had been laid out on a bed next to her two pet dogs. All of them were dead.

An autopsy report concluded that Flux-Edmonds had killed the dogs and then drowned the couple’s daughter Keziah in a bathtub, before placing the bodies on the bed and hanging himself. She was discovered wearing her favorite pajamas with her arms wrapped around the dogs. Both Keziah and the pets were soaking wet.


According to reports, Flux-Edmonds had suffered from bouts of depression throughout the couple’s 12-year marriage and had attempted suicide at least one other time. In spite of Flux-Edmonds history of depression and suicide attempts, Keziah’s mother Nikki never suspected that he would harm her. In a statement prepared for the courts Nikki stated, “My world is over, I have nothing left.”
According to Flux-Edmond’s Facebook profile he had studied at the Isle of Wight College and had been unemployed at the time of the murder-suicide.