Sex games, leashes, collars, and sexually explicit videos disguised as footage of various popes were just some of the evidence collected against a disgraced Catholic priest in the Northern Italian city of Padua. In addition to using the church rectory for orgies and various sex games, Father Andrea Contin had also been involved with wife swapping websites, and had accepted payment for men to perform “extreme sex acts” with some of his female parishioners.


The church launched an investigation against Contin in the summer of 2016, when a female parishioner came forward with the allegations. According to this female parishioner, she had been involved in an affair with Contin and had discovered various sex toys and the disguised pornography in Father Contin’s possession. At the time the church did not involve the police until they had conducted their own internal investigation. Two other female perishioners later came forward with accusations against the priest.

In addition to the accusations of pimping out his female parishioners and hosting wild sex parties within the church, the disgraced priest often took some of his lovers on lavish cruises and frequented naturalist and swingers resorts located off the coast of France.

Contin has not officially been arrested by police pending further investigation. According to a report from the International Business Times, Contin has been suspended by the church until further notice and prosecutors are looking into charging Contin with living off immoral earnings and inflicting psychological violence upon at least 15 current and former female parishioners.