Southern Florida residents, including our very own Mike Boudet, have been flocking to Miami International Airport in order to escape Hurricane Irma. Florida Governor Rick Scott has encouraged everyone living in the state to evacuate before the storm hits after hearing news that the category five hurricane has already caused considerable damage in both the Caribbean and Cuba. To add to the chaos that is inevitable at the airport during this time of crisis, it’s recently been reported that Miami International Airport has closed one terminal after a man with a knife was spotted on the runway.

MiamiAirportBetween 8:30 and 9 pm on September 7, 2017, a man with a knife had been attempting to access a terminal from the tarmac outside. At this time, authorities say they don’t know if the man had gone through TSA clearance and are not clear on how the man was able to access the restricted area. After a confrontation with police, a Miami-Dade officer shot the man, who has not yet been identified. He was rushed to an area hospital where he remains in stable condition. No officers were injured during the confrontation.

Police director Juan Perez told the Miami Herald that when officers arrived on the scene the man “fled into a room” and attempted to escape to the main airport through the ceiling. The knife-wielding man confronted officers who then used force to apprehend him.


“We do not suspect that there’s other individuals in the airport who are here to cause any harm and right now the situation has been neutralized so there is no danger to the patrons of the airport,” Perez told Miami Herald reporters.

According to the official Twitter account for Miami International Airport, terminal J will be temporarily closed as police continue to investigate. One flight was delayed as a result of the incident and passengers awaiting their flights were ordered to report to terminal H.

Over 100 flights have been canceled as a result of the incoming storm. It is unclear how many more flights were impacted as a result of last night’s incident.