A Louisiana man has been arrested a second time after neighbors reported he knocked on their door and then stood there motionless before walking away without a word. While neighbors have not reported any acts of violence from the man, they report that the incidents have been creepy and have caused them to feel unsafe in their homes.

In the most recent incident, Fox 8 Live reports that police found the perpetrator, 23-year-old Ruiyang Zou, kneeling on his front lawn when they arrived at his home. Police proceeded to question Zou but the man refused to communicate with police. Officers were forced to carry Zou to the waiting patrol car.

“Though Ruiyang Zou’s actions have not yet been violent, his reoccurring knock at the door and then standing there motionless is extremely disturbing,” Chief Bryan Zeringue told Fox 8 Live. “All law-abiding citizens have a right to feel safe and secure in their own home. Hopefully, Ruiyang Zou will get the help he needs before he hurts someone or is hurt by someone feeling the need to protect themselves.”

Months prior to the knocking incidents, which began in August of 2017, Zou had been reported as a missing person. The report states that Zou had been off of his medication at the time of his disappearance from Fahy’s Irish Pub. Zou’s alleged mental illness may have played some role in the bizarre incidents which set his neighbors on edge.

Zou has been charged with entry on/or remaining in places after being forbidden. He is being held without bond at the Lafourche Parish Detention Center.