Animal abuse may break your heart and it has been a lot of public outcry from the general population and celebrities over the death of Cecil the Lion.  Hunting lions apparently has become a commodity. The truth behind it is exposed in a documentary called Blood Lions- The Untold Story of Canned Lion Hunting in South Africa. They want the animals protected and Prince Harry flew to Kruger Park reserve to confront the poachers.

I think anyone who cares about animals needs to know about extreme cases of animal abuse.

One particularly cruel prank originating in England, included cooking cats in the microwave. One such story is of a black and white cat named Roxy. The three menaces involved put her in the microwave for ten seconds. They then placed her in the dryer and in the final act of torture dunked her into a bowl of water. Thankfully she lived and the three were charged with animal cruelty.


This next one is equally as cruel. This ugliness took place in Australia. A fox terrier puppy Peanut was kidnapped. He was sliced with a knife and garden shears, his legs amputated, nose severed, and his agony ends with decapitation. The pair who did this violence laughed while doing the deed. One of the offenders did it in retaliation for a dispute he had with the female owner.

A mother of seven in Long Island, Sharon McDonough had a long history of dog and cat torture. Her son described it as a concentration camp for animals. This woman did not allow her younger children to use the bathroom and they were forced to urinate and defecate in a bucket. Her evil behavior also included kidnapping dogs and cats and making her offspring restrain them while she taped their mouths and noses closed before watching them die a slow death. The authorities found 42 dog corpses in her backyard. She was sentenced to two years in prison for her mistreatment of her children and the animals.


Investigations in the United States found that this abuse happens on a regular basis. All species include companion, circus, and farm animals as the targets. Another burden is there is no law that protects them or serve justice. Often law enforcement will turn a blind eye. If a defendant is charged, it is a misdemeanor and a small fine is the consequence. Take a New Jersey woman who deprived her dog of food, disposed of him in a trash bag, and left him to die in the garbage. She was given 18 months’ probation and a $2000 fine. One story of workers who kicked and stomped cows at a dairy farm are punished with measly $500 fines. Some may not consider this travesty a crime. There are reasons why it should; one is basic human decency. Now if you think of a violent crime the victim is injured or threatened with violence. American law defines it as assault, murder, rape, robbery, and sexual assault. These are grave acts and recorded by the authorities and receive harsh punishments. A human being is considered a victim; not an animal. They are looked at as property. They feel emotions and suffer physical and psychological scars. Bear in mind we need a change in values; and then an amendment to the law.