It had been the end of the Memorial Day weekend for Jason Hampton and Charlye Dixon, a young couple from Brunswick, GA. After a long day of scarfing down as many hamburgers, hot dogs and homemade macaroni salad a person could eat, the young lovers sought some alone time down a secluded lovers’ lane to watch the sunset from Jason’s pickup truck.


Without warning a man jumps into the bed of Jason’s truck and opens fire. Both Jason and Charlye are hit. He then drags Jason out of the truck and shoots him two more times in the head. Charlye, who was shot as she attempted to flee the truck when she heard the gunshots, was then drug to the man’s car, along with a couple of fishing rods he took from the back of Jason’s truck.

The man takes Charlye  to a wooded area several miles from the lovers’ lane. There, the man shoots the teenager two more times and proceeds to sodomize her corpse.

The following day the man attempts to return to his human sex doll, who had once been Charlye Dixon. People passing through the wooded area where Charlye’s body was hidden scares the man off. Rather than rape a teenager’s corpse, the man took to a new plan and had begun to stakeout houses he could burglarize.

Finding a home without any cars parked in the carport, the man knocks on the door. No one answers. Assuming the house had been vacant, he brakes into a utility shed where he finds a deep freezer full of meat. As the man loads the meat into his car he hears noises coming from inside of the home. He enters into the house to find Gail Taylor armed with a kitchen knife. A struggle ensues and the man ends up shooting the woman multiple times before grabbing her purse on his way out.

The 1993 murders of the two teenagers and housewife Gail Taylor would go unsolved until seven months later. A man named Billy Raulerson, Jr. had been picked up on charges related to assault and weapons charges. Raulerson was ordered to submit a blood sample at the time of his arrest. DNA from Raulerson’s blood was found to be an exact match to the foreign DNA found on the body of Charlye Dixson.


Raulerson was arrested and charged with murder. Found in his possession were two fishing rods reported missing from Jason’s truck when his body had been discovered the day after the murders. Raulerson was given an IQ test and it was determined that his below average IQ could allow his defense to plea his case on grounds that he was not guilty by reason of mental retardation. Raulerson’s defense put up a good fight, but the jury didn’t buy it.

Raulerson was sentenced to death by the state of Georgia. He is still alive and continues to appeal the verdict.