If you ever happen to be near the 7-Eleven on Highway 27 and Washington Street in Minneola, Florida then there’s a good chance that you’ll have an opportunity to meet their very own superhero. Raeshorn Pitt, 20, spends his days dressed like Superman and practicing his karate moves when he’s not helping people to cross the street or taking photos with his fans. There is little doubt that Pitt, who is both deaf and autistic, spends his days bringing joy to the town of Minneola, which is why some are struggling to understand why anyone would want to attack him.


Tyler L. McCorvey, 26, was arrested after he admitted to officers that he wanted to challenge “Superman” to a fight. According to reports, McCorvey approached Pitt and punched him in the chest. As Pitt attempted to walk away, McCorvey then slammed Pitt’s head into a vehicle.

A woman who had witnessed the incident told McCorvey to leave Pitt alone before asking Pitt, who refers to himself as “the Black Tiger,” to come to her home. McCorvey continued to follow both the witness and Pitt until the woman again ordered him to go away.

Police, who say that Pitt has helped them as a witness for multiple robbery calls from the 7-Eleven he frequents, were quick to respond to the call about the attack. Officers were able to locate McCorvey wandering around a gas station where he was placed under arrest and charged with two counts of simple battery and aggravated abuse of a disabled adult.


Police say that after taking McCorvey to jail he became extremely distraught. He began to cry and repeatedly dunked his head into the toilet. He told deputies that he “messed up” and claimed that he didn’t want to live anymore.


As for Minneola’s Superhero, Pitt is now back to his usual patrol of the 7-Eleven. He told a reporter for WKMG ClickOrlando that he’s been nervous since the attack but that anxiety isn’t stopping Pitt from doing what he loves. He wrote on the Facebook page he maintains,

“If you see this hometown superhero make sure you give him a thumbs up or a nice big wave.”