Theresa Lockhart, a 44-year-old high school Spanish teacher from Portage, Michigan, went missing on May 18 of this year. Police organized a massive search that went on for 100 days. But, five months later, she hadn’t been found.


After searching the Lockhart home multiple times, police found no evidence that could point them to a suspect, or even a motive. Theresa had simply vanished without a trace. The only person of interest in the case was, naturally, her husband Christopher.

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Christopher was uncooperative from the beginning, forcing investigators to obtain a search warrant in June in order to search the Lockhart home. After 30 hours of intense scrutiny, police were unable to come up with anything. Christopher, however, remained a person of interest.

The following month, Christopher was arrested for driving under the influence and was given an ankle monitor to keep track of him. This had been his fourth arrest since his wife’s disappearance, albeit for unrelated charges.

On Tuesday, October 24, after probation officers observed the ankle monitor remaining motionless for several hours and a failure to appear for a 10 am probation check-in, authorities decided it would be wise to check on Christopher.

When they arrived at the Lockhart home, they found Christopher dead in his basement from strangulation. Nearby was a handwritten note. In the note, he claims responsibility for his wife’s disappearance.

After a heated argument on May 18, Christopher claimed that he “just snapped” and killed Theresa. He then drove her body to the Allegan Game Area, about 50 miles away from their home. A hand-drawn map was nearby. Sure enough, police found the map to be accurate and recovered Theresa’s body.

The note continued with Christopher expressing remorse for his crime and asking for forgiveness. He leaves behind two adult children.