This past Thanksgiving break, yours truly got the heartwarming opportunity to meet a dope newborn baby. My cousin had her first a few weeks ago, and it was the first time I had a chance to hold something so young. One little detail I couldn’t get over, still can’t, are those itty bitty finger nails. Those perfectly clipped, immensely detailed fingernails looked like they didn’t belong, but there they were.

“This is a whole little human,” I thought to myself. “Fingernails and all.”

Anybody who’s held a baby before probably understands the pure feeling of joy and awe that comes from handling a teeny tiny human. The glow lasted for a solid half hour after I handed him off to my aunt for a diaper change.

Look, I just met the kid. We’re not at diaper territory just yet.


How could anybody feel hate, or anger, or sadness after looking upon such a small, smiley face? How could anybody be driven to violence after hearing the yawn of a little bitty baby? Who in their right mind could even think of harming this fragile, helpless human life? 

24-year-old Heidy Rios, apparently.

Rios, a resident of Terrytown, Louisiana, was arrested on November 24 and charged with cruelty to a juvenile after it was found that she had broken her three-week-old child’s skull during an argument with the infant’s father, according to an arrest warrant from Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The day prior, the father had taken his child to the Children’s Hospital, where doctors determined that the infant fractured his right temporal bone. At three weeks, an infant’s skull has yet to fuse. Their heads are very, very soft. It’s critical that their heads be protected as much as possible. Despite the seriousness of the injury, the baby’s life is not in danger. Police were called immediately. 

During questioning with detectives, the father reported that he had been in a heated argument with the mother when she allegedly grabbed her child and threw the baby at his feet yelling, “Take your fucking son!”


Rios was brought in for questioning and immediately denied the accusation. She told detectives that she was not holding the child during the fight and she had no idea how the injuries occurred. However, due to a neutral witness’ report negating Rios’ statement about holding her baby during the fight, Rios changed her story and told detectives that she “may have dropped the child.”

Seems like most people would recall if they dropped their 3-week-old child, but hey, that’s her story.

Rios was arrested and charged and is currently being held in custody. She has yet to post bail. Hopefully she won’t have a chance to reconnect with her infant anytime soon. If someone is capable of harming their 3-week-old child, they’re probably willing to harm their 5-year-old child, or 10, or 12, and so on.

Not much else has been reported about Rios the mother, much less Rios the person. But if this incident is any indication, best of luck to her little baby boy. For someone, anyone, especially a mother, to hurl an infant child at the ground as some sort of dramatic gesture is incomprehensible.

Now, pardon me while I run out and grab a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament for my dope little cousin.