For more than 30 years, residents of Allentown, NH have been haunted by a mystery of epic proportions. In 1985, the bodies of a woman and an 11-year-old child, believed to have been mother and daughter, were found inside of a steel barrel. Neither the woman nor the child were ever identified. After checking missing persons reports and school records in the area, police came up with no solid leads on who the two female victims were or who may have been their killer and the case quickly went cold.


In 2000, the case was re-examined and investigators returned to the scene, only to find another drum, along with two more bodies inside. DNA testing concluded that one of the two young girls had been related to the woman whose body had been found 15 years prior, but results on the other child found were inconclusive.

While the case has been an ongoing investigation since it was reopened in 2000, developments had been moving at a snail’s pace. To date, the identities of the woman and the three children remain a mystery, but police believe that they may have tracked down their killer.


In 2002, a man living under the name of Robert “Bob” Evans was convicted of murdering and dismembering his wife, Eunsoon Jun, less than a year after marrying her in a small backyard ceremony. Evans pleaded guilty to the charges and died in prison in 2010.


Officials began to focus on Evans when an investigation was launched into the disappearance of a New Hampshire woman in 1981. According to the family of Denise Beaudin, they had last seen her alive on Thanksgiving. When her family attempted to visit with her afterwards they found that she, her boyfriend, and her infant child had been missing. Beaudin’s family never attempted to contact police because she and her boyfriend had been having financial troubles and they believed that they may have been attempting to escape those issues.


Police were able to locate the couple’s infant, who was abandoned by Evans in a trailer park and had later been adopted. DNA concluded that the infant, now a grown woman, was not his biological child, but she was a match for Denise Beaudin.

Police used this information to connect Evans as a possible suspect in the bodies in barrels murders that had long puzzled investigators in Allentown. DNA was able to determine that Evans had, in fact, been the biological father of one of the three children that were found in the barrels. The origins of the barrels and the area of where the bodies were found were also connected to the mill Evans had worked for at the time.

It is unclear how many aliases Robert “Bob” Evans had and he changed his location often, leading investigators on these cases to suspect that there may be more victims that they don’t yet know about. Anyone with information on any of these cases or on Robert “Bob” Evans has been urged to contact New Hampshire’s Cold Case Unit.