Nobody likes dealing with the IRS. Many of us are vocal on our opinions about taxes and how they should or should not be allotted or whether we should even pay them at all, but at the end of the year no matter what our opinion may be a majority of us pay our taxes and try to get through it with as little intervention by the IRS as possible. There are some, however, who try to beat the system.

Most of these people who are looking for a way out of taxes attempt to find some legal loophole within the tax code. Normand Lariviere, on the other hand, had his own plans.


Lariviere had once been employed as a civilian electrician for the Navy. In the 1990s this program saw a number of budget cuts and as a result, Lariviere and others were taken off the payroll. Lariviere attempted to go the diplomatic route after losing his job and had sent a number of appeals to both the IRS and Veteran’s Affairs. These grievances Lariviere had filed went to little notice, receiving only automated replies in response.

Lariviere had allegedly told an IRS agent at some point that he should not have to pay taxes because he believed that the government had not acknowledged his claims. In 2016, Lariviere’s refusal to pay taxes would take a sharp and radical turn.

SeattlePI reports that Lariviere has recently been arrested, but not on grounds of failing to file his taxes. Throughout 2016, several strange packages had been received at a Utah IRS office. A bullet, a joint, and Lariviere’s own finger had been among these packages. The package that would cause the most panic, however, was a package Lariviere sent containing a fake bomb. Packaged along with the fake pipe bomb were letters that had been sent to Lariviere by the IRS, a photo of himself and a note which read “kilroy was here.” The IRS office was evacuated as a result of the bomb hoax.



Investigators were able to interview Lariviere, who they noticed only had nine fingers, in 2017 at his home near Olympia, Washington. Lariviere admitted to sending all of the packages, including the one with his own finger which he had cut off himself with a homemade device. Lariviere confessed that he had been self-radicalized against the government and was pleased that his fake bomb had caused such a panic. He also indicated that he had been planning to send more packages in the future.

Lariviere is currently facing mailing a threat to injure charges related to the packages. He remains in jail as he prepares for trial.