On September 30, 2017, Portland police began to receive calls at approximately 7 pm about a man wielding an ax and running into traffic.

The man, later identified as 34-year-old Jeremiah Cruse, ran to Beverly Cleary School’s Fernwood campus where a witness reported that Cruse began banging on the doors. According to a report from Oregon Live, only a custodian had been in the building at the time. When it was realized that Cruse had managed to gain entry to the building, police reached out to the custodian and advised him to seek refuge in a classroom. Police were able to escort the custodian from the building unharmed.


Officers secured the perimeter of the school with the help of K9 officers and a crisis intervention team, the Portland Tribune reports. Cruse was located in the school’s cafeteria where he initially refused to cooperate with law enforcement. After a brief standoff, the crisis intervention team convinced Cruse to comply with officers.


After taking Cruse into custody he was transported to a local hospital for an evaluation. He was then taken to Multnomah County Jail.

Cruse has been charged with second-degree criminal mischief, trespassing, as well as a probation violation for a prior charge of unlawful use of a weapon.