This modern take on the successful milk carton campaign of the 1980’s urges customers to raise a glass to raise awareness. At least that’s what the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute hopes to achieve by launching their innovative charity fundraiser. Through a company called Benefit Wines, the institute offers six different wines, with all money collected going towards cold case research conducted by volunteer criminal justice students and experts. The non-profit organization has chosen four feature cases for their series launch.


The face of Allison Foy graces label of their Melbec. 10 years ago, Allison Foy vanished without a trace near her home in Wilmington, NC. Two years later her body was recovered along with the body of Angela Nobles Rothen. The family has since struggled to find the woman’s murderer.


Jessica Foster is the smiling face that looks on from their bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Jessica, known as “Jessie” to friends and family, disappeared near Las Vegas in 2006. Jessie was originally from Canada and was offered a trip to the U.S. by her then boyfriend. From there, Jessie made her way to Las Vegas and was lured into the world of prostitution. It wasn’t long thereafter that Jessie came up missing. It is believed that her disappearance may be linked to three other women who were murdered within the area around the same time, but no evidence has surfaced to suggest that Jessie was murdered. Her mother believes that Jessie was forced into sex slavery and there’s a chance that she could still be alive.


Another cold case victim, Annita Price, has been missing since she was only 26-years-old. On May 30, 1974 Annita left her home in Moundsville, WV to go to work. She would never make it to work that day. The car she was driving had been located the following day, but it took several days for anyone to report her missing. Inside the green Gremlin she was driving, her makeup and contents of her purse were found strewn across the front seat. It didn’t take long for the case to grow cold. In 2009 her case was reopened and new leads are being followed. The CCIRI has dedicated their benefit Chardonnay in honor of Annita’s case.


Chanda Turner is another case the organization has been diligently researching. In July of 2000, Turner was found dead outside of her home from an apparent gunshot wound to the chest. Her death was initially ruled to have been the result of suicide, but certain details raised suspicions and in 2009 her body was exhumed in order to conduct further testing. In 2012 her death was ruled as “undetermined” and since then investigators have reopened the case. The CCIRI’s Sauvignon Blanc was created to raise public awareness of her unsolved murder.


The fifth wine of the series, “Hero,” is a Merlot featuring the photo of retired Atlanta Police Capt. Cliff Strickland. Capt. Strickland had worked closely with the institute since his retirement and continued to work on cold cases up until his death.

Their Carmenere is the sixth wine offered by the organization, but unlike the others, it does not feature any high profile cases. This label was created for the purpose of raising general awareness for all cold cases around the country.

The wines run for about $20 a bottle, but bulk packages are available for a discount. All of the wines listed above can be found at the Benefit Wines website.