Don’t worry, it’ll get better. It has to. How could things get worse?

Those words can sometimes be a flat out lie. That’s exactly what happened to 58-year-old Kenneth Haskins. The Tampa, Florida resident who has apparently spent a lifetime making very bad decisions.

The first bad decision occurred years ago when he decided to shoot himself in the face with a shotgun. Weird how life messes with you and keep you from dying after something like that. Instead, you’re left a disfigured monster, the kind of creature that little children start crying at the sight of.

You would think this is a great opportunity to ponder why at all odds your life was spared, and maybe find religion and spend the rest of your life trying to do good for humanity, but that’s not what Haskins did. You see, some people grow up in deplorable conditions and, despite all odds, end up flowering into selfless individuals that make the world a better place. Then, there are those who continue to make bad decision after bad decision, like Haskins.

Mar Plaza ApartmentsHe apparently, allegedly, decided it was a good idea to stand by his open apartment window and masturbate where his neighbors could see him in all his glory. Mar Plaza Apartments on East Temple Heights Road, the place he calls home, caters to mostly low-income seniors and disabled people.

Strangely enough, none of his neighbors called the police, instead they complained to the building manager who told Haskins to cut it out. Now this says a lot about the kind hearts of of his neighbors who perhaps just wanted this nuisance to stop, but didn’t want to cause hardship for the already tortured man. But did Haskins take this as a gesture of kindness and decide he was finally going to make a change in his life? Of course not. Instead he allegedly decided to double down on his series of bad decisions and set the building on fire.

According to the investigation, the fire originated in two separate areas – a bedroom and the kitchen. An arrest report reveals that a neighbor claims Haskins admitted starting the fire because he felt he was being treated unjustly for being asked not to masturbate in plain site of his neighbors.

No one was killed or injured but four people were left homeless as a result of the fire, according to Tampa Fire Rescue officials.

Kenneth Haskins is likely to face the rest of his life behind bars for a series of very bad decisions.

Kennith Haskins

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