Since the early days of the internet a certain series of shock photos have made their rounds on various user groups, message boards and other sites devoted to graphic images. I had always been curious on the story behind the horrific photo series, but with little information on the persons involved I was never quite sure if the photos were legitimate or stills from a horror movie set. Never the less, the photos had always stuck with me and it was a story I’ve wanted to cover for the site since I began writing for Sword and Scale.

It wasn’t until recently that I came across one of the photos in a reddit thread that I finally had a name to start really digging into the story. I discovered that not only were the pictures from a real crime scene, taken by the perpetrators themselves, but the true story behind the photos was just as shocking.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that all source links going forward are extremely graphic and NSFW.

It was the night of July 18, 1982. David Beckowitz and his girlfriend, Jeannine “Charlie” Clark, had been sitting in his living room watching The Benny Hill Show when Beckowitz’s friend James Glover came into the room and shot Beckowitz in the back of the head.

That single act is what began a three-day drug-fueled, necrophelic orgy.

Glover and Clark stripped Beckowitz and took took turns stabbing and chopping him up with a hacksaw, stopping only to pose for some photos. The pair had also been nude throughout the photo series, smiling ear-to-ear as they hacked up the corpse.


They took the time to pose Beckowitz in various demeaning ways, one photo showing Beckowitz’s head posed on a chair with a finger from his severed hand shoved in his nose. Another picture shows Glover shoving Beckowitz’s own penis into his mouth. By day three of the ordeal, very little of Beckowitz remained intact. He had been stabbed 84 times and sliced into 14 pieces, which the couple placed into trash bags after performing various sex acts with the remains.


Though rumor had it that the pair had been caught when they took the film to be developed, the truth is that Clark cracked. She went to the police and told them what had happened. It was at Beckowitz and Clark’s Detroit home that they found the dismembered remains of Beckowitz, along with the film roll containing photographs of the crime.

According to Clark, after Glover shot Beckowitz in the head he took her captive. He fed her drugs and forced her to emasculate Beckowitz, which she reluctantly complied with. The photographs of Clark and Glover told a different story to investigators. Neighbors told the local newspapers that they had also witnessed Clark leave the residence several times on her own, including once where she allegedly went to the store to purchase more film for the camera.


Neighbors also witnessed both Clark and Glover checking out a garage sale. They went to the sale twice. One of these times it was noted that Clark had been heard screaming for Glover to let her back into the house after she had been locked out.

Glover was charged with second-degree murder, using a firearm while committing a felony and mutilation of a corpse. Clark was originally held on parole violation charges connected to bank robbery she had been involved in while the investigation was still underway. Later she was charged with mutilation of a corpse.

After Glover underwent a psychological evaluation and was deemed fit to stand trial he pleaded not guilty. Later he admitted that he had held Clark captive. He was able to get a plea deal and was sentenced to 30 to 50 years in prison. As for Clark, she was found guilty of mutilation of a corpse. She was sentenced to serve only 10 years.

Glover’s motive behind the horrific murder of Robert Beckowitz has never been made public.