Ramon Michael Hutchinson, AKA Raymond Hutchinson had been an outlaw on the run. Wanted for failure to appear in court after he had been charged with first-degree drug charges and assaulting a police officer in the state of Minnesota, two bounty hunters working for FNG Security and Investigations of Corpus Christi were tasked with apprehending Hutchinson.


Cleveland.com reports that the two bounty hunters assigned to the case, 33-year-old Gabriel Bernal and 54-year-old Fidel Garcia, tracked Hutchinson to a Nissan dealership in Greenville, Texas. The pair had traveled from Corpus Christi to the dealership where they had received word that Hutchinson would there. One report suggests that the bounty hunters had identified themselves to the office staff as federal agents before entering the office where Hutchinson had been speaking with a salesman.

With guns down, Bernal and Garcia attempted to apprehend Hutchinson, but Hutchinson had other plans. Hutchinson pulled a gun from his waistband but had dropped it. A scuffle between the men ensued and Hutchinson was able to pick the gun back up. Shots were fired by Hutchinson, with the Bernal and Garcia returning fire.

Panicked customers scrambled for cover as a shootout between the men ensued. One person in the building was able to call 911 for assistance, while others were able to take cellphone videos.


The shootout lasted for six seconds, with more than 20 shots fired at that time. Before the smoke had a chance to clear all three men were dead.
The Star-Telegram was able to reach out to the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators and received the following statement in regards to the incident:

“We are saddened to hear of the loss of Fidel Garcia, Jr., a 20 + year investigator and a Texas Association of Licensed Investigator’s (“TALI”) board member. Fidel was a consummate professional and well respected. The Association has reached out to his family and will provide assistance during this hard time. “

In the state of Texas, bounty hunters are allowed to carry guns and handcuffs but cannot make arrests unless they are granted written permission from a bail bondsman. Bounty hunting is extremely dangerous because they are not considered law enforcement officers and therefore are not granted the same protections as police officers are.