When someone plans to murder another, knives, guns, or even rope are the most common items used as a means to extinguish that person’s life. When people are caught up in the heat of the moment and commit a crime of passion, all bets are off. These individuals weren’t planning to kill anyone, but for whatever reason, felt the need to violently lash out. Often these crimes result in the perpetrator grabbing the nearest object to inflict harm on another individual.

While most cases of murder are senseless and tragic, there are some items people have used to kill that can’t help but make you smirk a little. Today we’ll examine some of the strangest objects used to kill, or at least used in an attempt.

Ceramic Squirrel


On the night of Christmas Eve, Helen Ann Williams was upset that her common-law husband didn’t bring home any beer because the stores were all closed that night. Williams’ husband went to make a sandwich, but Williams was still in a fit of rage. She grabbed a ceramic squirrel used as part of the couple’s home décor and hit her husband over the head before stabbing him in the chest. The man survived and was treated at a local hospital, but Williams was charged with aggravated domestic violence.

Prosthetic Leg


According to court documents, a wheelchair bound woman who had been living in a homeless camp decided to attack her former boyfriend, who she said threatened to kill her. In spite of her disability, Debra Hewitt had beaten the man with her own prosthetic leg before stabbing and strangling him. She then managed to drag the victim’s mangled and mutilated body into a field to rot. She was found guilty of second-degree murder and ordered to a mandatory life sentence.

Sex Toy


Ramon Novarro was a star in the silent film era, featured in movies such as the original Ben Hur and The Silver Chalice. Being one of the few openly homosexual stars in Hollywood at the time made Novarro a bit of an oddity, but more than that, it made him a target. One evening he invited over two male friends, who Novarro believed were coming to engage in sexual activities. One of the men, Paul Ferguson, had other plans. Believing that Novarro had hidden a large sum of money within the home, Ferguson was particularly savage in his killing of Novarro. Rumor has it that his cause of death was a lead sex toy cast from a model of Rudolph Valentino’s package. Both Ferguson and his brother, who had accompanied him that evening, were sentenced to life in prison.



Richard Clare was able to avoid murder and manslaughter charges after he struck a man in the head with a spoon. The force was great enough to cause a fatal rupture in the man’s artery. Clare was cleared on grounds of self-defense, but six years later, when Clare killed his roommate and hid his body in his garden, he wasn’t as lucky. He is now serving 27 years in prison.



While the perpetrator’s choice of weapon is peculiar, the last story on our list is no laughing matter. On July 27, 2010 Angeles Cadillo-Castro used a standard kitchen spatula to beat her 5-year-old daughter to death. Bruising across the little girl’s body was indicative that she had been the victim of a prolonged assault. Cadillo-Castro’s lawyer claimed that the woman was not equipped to be a parent and that the pressures of day-to-day life had caused the woman to “snap.” The judge felt no sympathy for the woman and threw the book at her. She is currently serving life in prison.