What happens when a family’s grief slips into malice and madness, when a mother is so hell-bent on being portrayed as a victim that she begins victimizing everyone who doesn’t see her as one?  Welcome to the sad story of Morgan Ingram‘s untimely death and the circus of insanity that followed and continues to this day.

When Morgan’s car was keyed in 2011, a bizarre narrative began to unfold which consisted of a maniac serial-stalker who would terrorize the Ingram family for months.  This methodical madman with unbelievable speed and agility was able to go undetected for months, according to Morgan Ingram’s mother Toni, despite several attempts to catch him and an array of video cameras strewn around the Ingram household.  Despite over nine calls to police, this psycho stalker, who Toni Ingram is convinced was a neighborhood boy, devised a plan to gain access to the Ingram home, subdue and murder Morgan with the same drug she was prescribed, and then make his exit without morgan’s parents or two dogs noticing.  She has publicly named this boy, and his girlfriend at the time, as the murderers of her daughter because she says they were jealous.  She also watched his house for months, making note of when his car was in the driveway, driven by his workplace several times a day, and monitored his Facebook account looking for anything she could use to prove he was the killer, which would lead a sane person to question who the real stalker is.


Recently, the trolls behind the network of hate sites (which almost certainly consist of Toni Ingram, Sarah Afshar, and her boyfriend Joseph Valo) have updated various of their anonymous blogs to include the following statement…

“Mayra Martinez recently was interviewed along with Tricia Griffith about Toni Ingram by a guy named Mike Boudet. Mike, who is a friend of Mayra’s begged the Ingrams and their supporters for an interview. When they figured out his agenda and knew his connection between Mayra and him (they are friends, Mayra contributes to his blog every now and then), everyone blocked him. He’s desperate for ratings. No one of merit would ever interview these two pigs because neither know anything about this case. They are both known scammers and liars. I’m surprised Tricia’s doing interviews since she’s being sued. Want to throw out there too, the reason why the alleged other women that Mayra named didn’t appear on there is because they are all her. We couldn’t even listen to the entire podcast because Mayra’s voice annoyed us. I think most of us threw up in our mouths.”

This is the quality of individual behind “Team Toni”. The fact that the individual(s) behind these sites is such a coward that they insist on hiding behind anonymity should be a clue as to their real character, and the character of someone who would allow this kind of behavior, from her followers, in the wake of her own daughter’s death. I’ll let you judge the story for yourself.