The story of Herman Webster Mudgett, otherwise known as H.H. Holmes, has been told numerous times: a brilliant man with so much potential but so inherently evil that his actions would require new words be created to describe the monster that he was. The depravity of someone who would construct a building solely for the purpose of torture, murder, and the “processing” of human bodies for profit, is unimaginable. Although it has inspired numerous books and movies, many people who are not avid true crime fans, have never heard this story. Even if you have heard this story, you’ll want to listen to this episode, because we’ve uncovered an even bigger story which is downright fascinating…

Was H.H. Holmes the true identity of Jack the Ripper?

We talk to two men who say they know this is a fact, and have spent years trying to prove it. We are joined by Dane Ladwig author of the book “Dr. H. H. Holmes and The Whitechapel Ripper” and Jeff Mudgett author of the book “Bloodstains”. Jeff’s last name is no coincidence, he claims to be the great-great-grandson of the protagonist in this story, Herman Mudgett, otherwise known as H.H. Holmes.






H.H. Holmes Murder Castle