Sword and Scale Episode 6

Sword and Scale Episode 6

This is the conclusion to a two part saga involving the organized abduction and abuse of children and ritualistic murders by satanic cults allegedly headed by the top levels of government at a mysterious all-male retreat known as Bohemian Grove.  We tell the tale of what has become to be known as The Franklin Coverup and follow the trail of young Johnny Gosch and several other youngsters who were persecuted by the very system that was supposed to protect them, all for sharing their nightmare with us.  Witness intimidation kept this story under wraps, but some individuals took the fall while countless others probably got away with outright murder.

Johnny Gosch





  • http://mayramm.com/ MayraMM

    This is the craziest story I ever heard, and what’s sick is it’s probably still going on. And this kid, now a man, is still out there, still living the horror, and probably perpetuating horrors, as well; a really severe Stockholm Syndrome, like Bonacci.

    Oh, and the guy hit by the car? My new fav person, too. Imagine just kicking it with him!

  • Angelina Pasqualina

    If her son had come home, why did she not try to keep him from his captors? It seems like she let him go back to them. It’s all very strange and horrific.

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Sword and Scale covers the underworld of criminal activity and the demented minds that perform the most despicable and unthinkable actions.

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