This week the true-crime media has been abuzz reporting the verdict of the Michael Dunn “Loud Music Murder Trial.”  On Sword and Scale we do things a little different, so we’ll let you get your fill of that case from other media outlets while we break the case of Curtis Reeves, who like Michael Dunn allegedly shot and killed someone because he didn’t like what they were doing and then tried to claim self defense afterwards.  Instead of loud music, it was the simple act of texting at a movie theater.

I know if someone uses a phone during a movie it can be extremely annoying, but texting isn’t really that big of a deal unless you’re sitting right next to someone with a particularly big and particularly bright phone.  Even then, is it enough to get into an argument about, much less shoot someone?  During former cop Curtis Reeves’ bail hearing, we learn about all the details that led up to this senseless and tragic outcome where a man died for bad movie theater etiquette.

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Curtis Reeves